torsdag 3 december 2015


by Lee Johnson

This part of dating in retirement is about the online experience. Some say about 20% to 25% of all relationships start online. I’m sure this figure is higher for the retired because we spend more time at home and have fewer social engagements. But, is this a good idea for women?

Let’s examine the pros and cons as to why this is becoming so popular. Lets start with the PROS:

1. KNOWLEDGE: You know something about the person before any contact is made. It’s an enlightening experience to read about a person’s interests and traits before you meet them. This information instantly gives both parties something in common to talk about. 2. EFFICIENCY: You waste less time. Picking from a list of interested people is far better than trying to figure out who might be interested.

3. CONVENIENCE: You never leave the comfort of your home until you are ready. The days of going to places just because men are there are over.

4. EQUALITY: You can contact whom you want rather than wait to be contacted. The archaic system of only the men starting the conversation or asking the women out is over.

5. SOCIAL: It's social networking. It’s not all about romance as many people end up being friends. Many people are online to meet platonic or activity partners

6. COST EFFECTIVE: Many of the online sites are free. Frankly, I can’t see much difference between them and the paid ones. One might think that the paid sites have more affluent people. This could be true, but I find there is a wide range of socioeconomic status on all sites.

7. MORE CONTROL: Some of us are bothered by getting propositioned by undesirables when we are out. If this happens online, you just delete the message from the privacy of your home.

8. SAFETY: You don’t have to give out your name or number until ready and I recommend you do an online background search on someone before you go out.

Youre my inspiration rose petal love card for her

One woman complained that she doesn’t want her personal information "out there" on the Internet. Well, you are only offering general information about yourself with, just an optional photo. Your name, phone and address are not listed, of course. You will need a password to access your account. So, I suppose there is some risk if someone hacks the website and copies your ad to You Tube, but its entrainment value is very low, and there is no payoff for the hacker. THE CONS:

1. MISREPRESENTATION: By far the most common complaint is insincerity or lying to make themselves look better. Men can be married or multiple daters. Of course, this happens off line too, but when you are anonymous it’s easier to be deceptive. So, you ask a lot of questions and do a background check.

2. RECOGNITION: Someone you know may recognize you online. This is not a problem if you tell people you are looking.

3. RUDENESS: Some men can be curt or suggestive. Some are going to say dumb things. Rather than get annoyed with this, it’s so easy to just delete them and move on. If they get really out of line, you complain and get them removed from the site.

4. CONFUSION: Dating too many people at once can be confusing for some. This is more likely to happen online than off. If anybody has more to add, please let me know.

If you decide to give online dating a try, you will be asked to summarize yourself. Creating a "profile" gives some people pause, but a well-thought-out summary attracts the right person. Some websites have questionnaires to help match people with similar answers. They attempt to match your interests and your personality traits.

You’re encouraged to add photos to your ad if you want to get more responses. This is important because you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. People look at your photo first and must find it acceptable before they read your profile. It’s important to put your best foot forward without exaggeration. If your date catches you misrepresenting yourself, it’s generally a deal breaker.

Once you have an online ad, expect to receive emails from people tying to find out if you have enough in common. You will progress to a phone conversation, then to a coffee or lunch date, when ready. You’ll usually know after the first date if you want to continue. Just like any other dating, you need to meet many people before you meet the right person. This may be your last romantic relationship, so taking time to choose correctly is important.

Common Sense Conclusion: More seniors are dating in their retirement years, and are more likely to use Internet platforms for meeting their next partner.


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fredag 30 oktober 2015

Capturing the Relationship in a Song

Couples seek ways to define their relationships. Some share a great meeting story. Others tattoo their skin with a meaningful word or symbol. Since the advent of coupling, music represented the ideal representation of a relationship.


A song carries a multitude of meanings, grant deeper understanding of what the pair means to one another and be a touchstone of history when times get tough. How does a couple pick a song? It can be tricky. Looking at the options available and how they can be tailored allows couples to make the right decision.

Capture a Memory

By tying into a key event, couples find a song central to the time in their past. Most relationships possess moments when something is discovered. It could be the first date, the initial profession of love or the romantic evening when each felt truly heard by the other.
Generally speaking, these memories have a natural soundtrack with ambient noise or possibly a song playing in the background. The song will need to capture all of these aspects along with what the couple experiences. Doing so requires an ear for a feeling more than a faithful recreation of the event.

Love Songs

The music industry has long produced prepackaged slices of emotional distillations. While they are easy, couples need to find their own special ways of saying they love one another. Love songs, like greet cards, can leave little room for the nuances of the relationship.
This does not mean classic tunes with strong melodies and clear words will not target the relationship. It sometimes means others will consider the song theirs as well.

Make It Special

Like a blank sheet of paper, couples write their own love in unique ways. Maybe something from the past, like a standard, captures the timelessness of a couple's feelings about one another.

Spectacular sparkling flower for you
Capturing the Relationship in a Song

A driving beat or cries of a protest song might demonstrate how the pair stands against the world. Teasing out the aspects of the relationship which prove different from other relationships cracks avenues of expression beyond the traditional ballads. Here are some options for couples.

* Defiance: A forged unit against the normality of society
* Loyalty: Existing beyond the span of life world calls back to eternity.
* Silly: A swing song or light hearted dance tune provides an alternative aspect to the seriousness of commitment.

Think About a Playlist

What if the song was not a single song? With the vastness of love and music, couples should feel no need to limit themselves to a single song. One can begin the process, set a template and capture the initial feelings. From there, the playlist can be formed by events occurring in the moment.

If the couple weathers a difficult patch, they can select a song to commemorate the struggle. A change in roles, maybe as parents, could open a path for different songs. This could be part of an anniversary tradition at the five or ten year marks building the library as the relationship extends. Then the couple will possess a living musical timeline of their relationship.

Songs capture love as love captures the heart. View this tradition with clear eyes and not as a stodgy idea of a bygone era. Couples with songs have a tangible attachment to their own history. One with a beat they can hum together.

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torsdag 8 oktober 2015

Expressions of Love for Your Partner

Receiving love proves challenging for numerous people. In some cases, they may actively block the sentimental expression or a particular way of hearing they are loved may not resonate with them. What does that mean for the partner seeking to shower their loved one with the deep truth of how big an impact they are? Here are a few ideas, some large and others small, to capture the elusive feeling of adoration one feels for a partner.

Be Appreciative: Hearing how their gestures impact your life helps them know you are paying attention. Far too often, a multitude of kindnesses go ignore building up resentment. Even better, expressing gratitude for who they are, their impact on your life and all the ways the day is better with them emphasizes the depth of your love. Saying thank you seems small, but it pays huge dividends.

The Gift of Time: In our society, people never have time for one another. We rush from one thing to another, look to mark things off our to do list and remain connected to our electronic devices. Imagine receiving the gift of an uninterrupted evening with a loved one when all the outside demands are silenced. It demonstrates how they are the center of your life.

Make a Plan: Think about the special day when you got checked out school early for a game or movie. Or maybe you slipped out of the office early so you could hear the band you liked perform an outdoor concert. Now, take those creative muscles and plan a special day for the one you love. It can be a romantic scavenger hunt all with little nods to how special they are. Even whisking them out of the office for a picnic lunch will show you're thinking of them.

Youre outstanding because youre you
Expressions of Love for Your Partner

Say the Words and Say More: Don't be stingy with the "I Love Yous." We all need to hear it. A sincere "I Love You" brightens anyone's day. But don't stop there. Find new and creative ways to express the same sentiment. Maybe whispering "Te amo" in Spanish or "Je t'amie" in French can be exciting. Also, try not limiting yourself to the tried and true. Couples find their own expressions of love. Seek the right mix to capture the feelings and say it.

Use Variety: Receiving the same card, gift or words every single time deflates the expression rather than increases it. This means putting on your thinking beret and take a few extra steps.

* Gifts-Flowers, candy or little plastic dinosaurs. Pick the right thing which brings out the warm feelings.
* Notes-Feelings on paper provides a marker to the time and sentiment for your partner. Don't resist a little love poetry either.
* Touches-Hugs, foot rubs and smooches never go out of style and being close feels great for you and your partner.
* Sing-Accompanying your singing on the ukulele may capture the passion brewing in your heart for your special someone.

Deep and lasting love is eternal by definition. This means you need to be creative and excited about expressing your love because time will never run out. And nothing warms a heart like a passionate "I Love You."

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tisdag 15 september 2015

How to make him desire you.

Today I owe you an apology... because it turns out I was WRONG about something 
incredibly important.

See, here is the number one question I get from women:

“Does he really love ME? And even if he says he does, how can I know for sure?”

This is a great question.

I mean, even if loves you NOW...

...what guarantee do you have that he won’t lose interest in the future?

Men changing their minds and losing interest is crazy common.

And I USED to think that this meant he simply wasn’t the right guy...

Or that he simply didn’t deserve you.

But now, I EMBARRASSINGLY admit …

I was WRONG.

I recently stumbled upon a scientifically proven method called ‘emotional flooding’ that 
allows you to ‘flood’ his mind with the strong, almost COMPULSIVE feelings of attraction 
and desire...

Literally ‘on command’.

It’s like an invisible switch for mind control.

In fact, when you apply this method the right way … you can keep him completely in love,
attracted, and committed heart and soul to YOU for as long as you want him.



But when you do it right, you’re going to see even the most bored, disconnected man 
suddenly becoming so intensely obsessed with you that he can’t stop himself from 
coming closer and closer.

You’re going to see even the biggest player brutally ignoring the prettiest women in the room, 
just to talk to YOU.

Don't Chest

In fact, you can even use it on your ex, to have him beg and plead to come crawling back for 
another chance.

It really is that powerful.

But, there is a catch...

This method really pisses men off...

Because it puts YOU back in the driver’s seat.

But if you do it right, you get the power to make him want you... crave you... and even
fantasize about making you his forever, like a love-addled teenager with a crush.

Go check out this cartoon I put together that shows you the scientifically proven method to
make him feel such an intensity of pure desire and love for you that he just wants to be near
you all the time:


PS: It doesn’t matter whether you’ve barely started dating, or whether you’ve been married for
40 years...

You deserve to know this freaky-sounding but INCREDIBLY powerful ‘mind control’ method that
makes him desperate to ignore other women in your favor and flood you with the love, affection,
and devotion you deserve...

Not just for a day...

Not just for a year...


fredag 11 september 2015

Retiring as a Single Woman

Retiring as a Single Woman
by Lee Johnson

Retiring single is much less daunting than in prior generations. Part of the reason is that it's now socially acceptable. Women desire independence, but don't want to be disconnected from people. This is actually easy to achieve when your social network of friends and family is well developed and local.

I believe that it's not only culturally acceptable to retire single, but it can be more rewarding. Single women often have a much broader social network than married women. A recently divorced woman in her 50s told me that her husband was so unfriendly to her friends, they stopped visiting. Her network gradually disappeared and stayed that way for many years. After her divorce, her social recovery involved many more friends and has social engagements any night of the week if she wants. She is more socially connected now than when married.

When a man is not in your life, you're freer to do what you enjoy and what benefits you the most. Some of you may think that means doing more things alone. But, there is nothing wrong with doing things alone while you always have your social network to fall back on. So, part of retiring alone is that you must be the first one to accept and want it. If this is a calculated decision based on proper planning, you'll feel more confident and energized to embrace it.

The chances are that as your network develops, you will be doing less and less alone. Our goal is to always stay connected to the friends and family of our choice. A boyfriend can be part of this network, since being single only means you are not married or cohabiting. I'm not suggesting celibacy unless that is your conscience decision. I'm suggesting an independent life that you control and decide when to bond or not bond with the opposite gender. There is no pressure to preform or follow the expectations of others unless you choose to do so. You may need to explain your position to a boyfriend and request his acceptance of such.

Retiring as a Single Woman

Single women I know that are successful at networking, claim they are happy not dating and don't feel they miss anything. So, I can personally verify that happy and successful adjustments can be made. That being said, being single is not for everyone. Whether you are an introvert(internally focused) or extrovert may matter. Since these types may be genetic and hard wired into your brain, you might want to see where you fit. Most of us know which type we are. If you are an introvert, you enjoy spending time alone and tend not to miss people. So, this lifestyle may be more suitable for the introvert who enjoys more solitude.

If you are thinking about taking the single path in retirement, look into you past first. How happy are you on your own? Do you tend to get lonely when not around people? Does a lot of social contact exhaust you? It's just about understand your social needs. If you have a history of doing well with solitude and don't crave social contact, this might be for you. If so, the better developed your retirement plan is, the more enjoyment you'll get out of it.

In conclusion, retiring single is now an acceptable and viable option for women. A well developed social network provides the mental stimulation and emotional support needed. Having a boyfriend is just part of the network. Being introverted makes this lifestyle easier to adapt to. Women I know who make this adjustment, feel they have a happy and complete life.

I've always felt that the best retirement is based on your personality type. What society or past generation did has nothing to do with you because they don't have your character. So, embracing independence in retirement is a personal decision based on prior success with independent living. L. Johnson


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tisdag 4 augusti 2015

The Unpredictability In Marriage

The Unpredictability In Marriage
by Leeanne Kunnert

Some marriages fall apart because of a number of elements while others just seem to disintegrate for no reason at all. The list below includes common elements divorce attorneys see in cases of divorce. Knowing what causes a major to fail may help individuals avoid these failings when seeking a long term relationship in the future.

The most common reason men and women give that are looking to dissolve their marriage is unfaithfulness. Infidelity causes approximately sixty five percent of all marriages to end. The hurt that comes along with one spouse cheating on another is almost always a hurt that cannot be mended. Marriages where infidelity occurs must take massive steps towards repair in order to survive.


Another common reason for divorce is financial disagreements. Often one partner is a spender and one is a saver. Instead of working together to determine an appropriate budget to meet both their needs the situation is often ignored. This leads both partners to feel major resentment towards the other. This cycle has many pitfalls that eventually lead to divorce.

Addiction is another main reason given as reason that individuals are seeking a divorce. Addiction to sports, gambling, liquor, drugs or any other substance that causes one spouse to neglect another leaves one spouse feeling neglected and unloved. In marriage neither partner wants to take a backseat in the others life. When addiction occurs the person can no longer see the needs of his or her partner and therefore the downward spiral occurs. If you notice addictive tendencies in a person before you marry don't think that just because they get married they will change. This simply does not occur. It doesn't matter what promises are made beforehand.

Transform the world
The Unpredictability In Marriage

Physical attraction is most often the first thing that draws us into an attraction and therefore is one of the top reasons the attraction dissolves. This sounds crazy to many of us however is a very legitimate reason involved in seeking a divorce. One spouse may feel resentment towards the other if they have gained weight or their appearance has changed drastically. This decrease in attraction can cause a lack of sexual interest both which result in a failed marriage.

Violence and physical abuse are also listed as top reasons marriages end in divorce. If one spouse is verbally or physically abusive the marriage is doomed. This behavior will become more and more violent especially if the abuser doesn't recognize the issue at hand. If one partner is unwilling to change a divorce is inevitable.

Immaturity is another common occurrence in marriage that leads one spouse to file for divorce. Marriage is intended for two committed adults. When one of these individuals fails to advance to the next level of maturity it can become too cumbersome a job for the other to take on. Raising children on top of dealing with an immature spouse can become overwhelming.

Marriage is not to be entered into lightly and neither is divorce. Divorce attorneys advise couples experiencing any type of conflict first meet with a counselor to seek out resolution before committing to a divorce. After this process there will be clarity on whether a reconciliation can be worked towards or not.

More Information:

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Best Ways To Get Her Back: Apologize with Impact

Apologize with Impact Everyone makes mistakes in a relationship. It is easy to allay blame for aspects of a disagreement or misunderstanding. The greatest challenge facing many relationships is not how they weather the rough waters, but how they navigate into the harbor of forgiveness. Apologies make continuation possible and knowing how to apologize allows relationships, even troubled ones, to grow into sweeter and more rewarding endeavors. The Structure Thinking two words will encapsulate the entire need for resolution dilutes damage done by wronging someone.

Partners must feel valued, heard and understood. The traditional apology only brings restoration of a relationship one step closer. It does not exist on an island. Let's look at the steps in apologizing. 1. "I'm sorry" - These words must be said because they get the ball rolling. Traditionally, even the smallest children who have to apologize know it starts with saying they are sorry. This opens the door to discussion of what happened and what is to come next. 2. "I know this is how I hurt you" - Though it may seem like a small thing, acknowledging the hurt caused by one's actions demonstrates an understanding of the partner, their feelings and the individual's active role in wronging them.

Shining heart

The harmed party will will also have a chance for clarification. Listening during this step proves important. 3. "I will strive not to wrong you this way again" - A since offer to change gives a tangible next step. While it will be a challenge, the offering shows the hurt person the seriousness of the action. 4. "I'm going to make this right by" - Everyone harmed by someone wants to feel as though they are valued. Willingness to emotionally compensate them builds on the foundation established in the prior steps. An authentic and meaningful offer must be made. This not a bribe or a quick way to resolve the situation. 5. "Will you please forgive me" - Asking for forgiveness is the final step because it places the ball into the court of the person who was harmed. This can be scary. What if they decide not to grant forgiveness? This is part of the risk of being in a relationship. The other person must decide how things will proceed. While each step builds on each other, the conversation must move slowly. Rushing any of them could prolong the disagreement, bring about similar fights or shatter the relationship by individuals not feeling valued or heard.

Taking the time, though hard, will be rewarded. Being Real The steps provide a good framework, but they are not a magical formula. Each step of the apology must possess a critical component, authenticity. No apology, no matter how longed for, will never restore a relationship if it is not performed from a place of honesty. The person apologizing must be sincere from saying they are sorry to asking for forgiveness. An apology or section of an apology may proceed without sincerity, but it will never forge a pact between those involved. An apology is an agreement. An agreement about how important partners are to each other, how a single wrong cannot destroy their bond and how going forward they will seek to treat each other better than before. These are hard agreements to fulfill. This is why being able to accept one's role in the relationship and admitting when they have fallen short brings people closer. So it is always worth the effort.

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torsdag 25 juni 2015

Financial Matters and Your Divorce

Financial Matters and Your Divorce
by Leeanne Kunnert

As a man it is important to protect yourself in divorce, especially in financial matters. Below are a variety of items to have in order for discussions with your divorce attorney regarding your financial status.


Gather your financial documents. You should take time to pull of your financial documentation together and move it to a safe location. Make copies for your attorney to review as well. Understand that your wife will be trying to gather the same documentation and will be going through every document she can to help gather information on your finances as well.

Bank Accounts

Collect the information together regarding bank accounts that are not only in your name but in your spouse's name and children as well. Don't do anything rash with the money in your accounts before you speak with your divorce attorney. If you have several joint accounts it is important that you discuss dividing the accounts between the two of you before your divorce is finalized. No matter what you do don't deplete the finances that support your family. This will not look favorable when a judge is reviewing your case.

Credit Cards

Any joint credit cards should be closed to ensure that your spouse doesn't go on a spending spree that leaves you responsible for half. Close joint credit cards and notify the credit card companies that you are no longer responsible for credit cards held in your spouse's name.

You love someone more than you love yourself

  Financial Matters And Your Divorce

If you need credit cards it is crucial that you open new accounts with only your name on them. These new accounts should not be linked to your old accounts or spouse in any way.


If you are the spouse with insurance it is not appropriate to drop your spouse or your children until you have met with your divorce attorney and a judgment has been put into place by a judge. You are the responsible party for all medical bills until your divorce is finalized and even after sometimes you may decide to keep your children and ex covered. If you are still going to be held liable for medical expenses in your child support and alimony agreements you may decide to continue coverage.


Take inventory of the valuables within your household. If something within the house is of great sentimental value, and you are moving out before the divorce is finalized speak with your divorce attorney about removing it. You will want to ensure that anything of value or sentimental value is documented in the eyes of the court before selling, splitting or removing them from the house.

More Information:

Longton DM, a subsidiary of Longton Law Offices is a divorce attorney specializing in Men/Dad's in divorce. For experienced representation throughout the divorce process in Trenton, Michigan and the surrounding area you can find more information at


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torsdag 18 juni 2015

Many Layers of Couple Communication

Sometimes the hardest things facing couples stems from what should be the simplest things for them. Thriving relationships have one thing in common, good communication. Hurdles to talking with one another come in several forms. Some partners point to their childhood where they were not given the tools to communicate effectively. Others develop patterns where they deflect certain levels of conversation as a way to protect themselves. Being able to connect conversationally on several depths provide a variety of topics and reveal more about one another.

Light Level

In this area, couples talk about all the fun stuff. They joke with each other. They share things like their favorite movies, the songs they dance around to when no one is watching and the best Thai food they have ever eaten. All of these things sound like the frivolous flotsam and jetsam easily ignored. Does it really matter that someone danced to the twist at their fourth birthday? We all need fun. We all need safe topics. Without them, going any further becomes almost impossible because who wants to share the pain of their parent's divorce if they can't confess how formative the Mad Max series of movies are.


It is also easy at the beginning of a relationship, but these fun items keep a relationship exciting. Going out for a private dinner where guessing their new favorite song pulses vitality into the relationship of an established couple. By putting aside serious topics for a short time, people can reengage with the partner they met.

Little Deeper

This moderate level of communication allows partners to open up about their thoughts on more serious issues, their personal history and feelings they might have. Saying they like a movie or song is one thing, but explaining the reason for the love gives a clearer picture of them as a person. Also, hearing a partner plays a certain song when they feel isolated provides a clue for when the music is blaring on a random night.

Always Makes Me Smile
Many Layers of Couple Communication 

These item usually have to be said a couple of times. They may even need to be rephrased because people generally, even when told directly, fail correlate these items. Being aware of this challenge permits couples to extend a bit of patience to one another. The longer they are together the clearer the patterns may become. They can also gently remind the other of something they have said previously because of their history.

Way Deep

This level of communication, typically, is the most challenging. The areas of discussion reveal the most hidden things about a partner including their fears, embarrassments and ways they have been hurt the deepest. Deep truths exposed too early either demonstrate a lack of understanding of their gravity or poor communication training. These things are parsed out over time and are sometimes seen best from the outside.

While this level can be quite messy, it is also where deep love resides. Couples with long history where they have heard all the silly stories and revel in knowing why those stories matter are able to profess deep love for one another. This love, this bedrock, will stand when nothing else will. A couple talking on this level will be able to face the challenge of the future as a forged unit.

While all these areas exist, using them all is critical. Staying in one exclusively damages the relationship because either no deeper knowledge of one another flourishes or seriousness chokes out all the fun. Find safe times to have a variety of conversations because they reveal all the beautiful facets of every relationship.

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söndag 17 maj 2015

Two Things That Terrify All Men

He will never tell you any of this.
In fact, he’s dying to read this article, but he would never let you catch him doing it, and he certainly won’t admit to wanting to know if his deep, dark secrets are hanging out like underwear on a clothesline. In the front yard. In the middle of a busy city. (Hah!)
Well, he won’t tell you, but I will.
But first, two warnings:
First, this isn’t a complete list. Of course! But I think these are the two biggest ones. (I’m working on more articles about a few of the others…)
Second, I’m not telling you so you can shame him. I’m doing this so you can help him. But you have to be sneaky, so that he doesn’t know. Be nice to your man – he worships the ground you walk on, and believe me, he knows a few of your dirty dark secrets, too.
On to the juice, shall we?

GUY FEAR #1: My sexual desires are NOT okay

I won’t tell you that old thing about how guys want waaay more sex that women do, because it’s actually not true. Women want it, we just want it under different terms. He just… wants it. Every possible way he can imagine it. With your sister, your mom, the librarian (definitely the librarian), the teenager snapping her gum behind the cash register. He’s even had a dirty fantasy about that weird shopping cart lady.
Sex movies of every description (multiple lovers, bondage, fetish, you name it) run in his brain nearly all the time, and sometimes what’s showing on the screen shocks even him.
Deep down, he’s terrified that he wants sex too much, or in the wrong ways, with the wrong people. His sex drive is a formidable machine, and it’s a testament to his power that he doesn’t let it drive his life, only his brain.

What YOU can do to help him

Creating an atmosphere of openness in your intimate life with him is the first step in making him feel less scared about his sexual desire. I’m not saying you have to DO everything that he THINKS about, but be willing to ask him to talk about his fantasies. Invite him to give you steamy details. Even the act of sharing can be a tremendous gift of sexual energy between the two of you.
Help him learn to make YOU the star of his sexual mind shows, even if all you do is tell him a dirty story during foreplay.
And finally, don’t forget to let him know you’re sexually satisfied! If you can do this, he’s going to become so riveted by you he’ll never want to let you go. EVERY man wants to know he can sexually satisfy a woman.

GUY FEAR #2: Other men will think I’m weak

You gotta feel for the men of our world. They’re expected to get a respectable paycheck, make us feel secure, (not think about sex so much), beat out the other guys, support the winning team, be tough, overcome all the obstacles in their way, scare away the bad guys, and never show fatigue, fear, or ANYthing except sheer strength and confidence.
Dreaming of My Sweetheart
Two Things That Terrify All Men
It’s a lot to live up to.
It’s impossible to live up to, actually.
And yet that’s the challenge they hear every single day. And if they don’t answer it – actually DOMINATE it – their fear is that they will be publicly shamed, humiliated, despised… Not so much by you or by other women (although they hate the idea of that, too), but by other MEN.
But that doesn’t mean YOU don’t have power. Every man wants a woman who is unreservedly, whole-heartedly ON HIS SIDE. Your support actually adds to his power in the world of other men.

What YOU can do to help him

I have a question for you: if he’s fighting away on the field of his life, do you ever even show up at his game? And if you do, can he hear your enthusiastic, genuine support for him?
I’m not saying you have to actually get out your cheerleader skirt and shimmy and shout (although he’ll probably appreciate that, see #1 above!), but there IS a way to let him know you’re seeing how hard he works, and you want him to win.
Encourage him to tell you about his daily battles. Lean in and attentively soak up every bit. Ask for details. Don’t multitask while you’re doing this; give him your full focus. Be his raving fan.
And offer him your sincere admiration. Let him know how strong you find him, how amazing his accomplishments and abilities are. If you can make him feel like you believe in him and are on his side no matter what, you are going to ADDICT him to you.

3 Steps to Make a Man Love You

If you’re sick of “Bad Boys,” “Players” and guys who just won’t commit, you need to go watch this new video renowned relationship expert Michael Fiore put up. It’s called “3 Steps To Make A Man Love You” and it teaches you how to make a man not just “fall” for a you… But to actually make him obsessed with you so HE decides he WANTS to be serious…
Michael lays out the absolute truth about what men really want and need from a woman for them to be able to give EVERYTHING to her… (In fact, he flat out tells you how his girlfriend Captured His Heart and made him fall for her HARD even though he was “playing the field” and thought he’d never settle down.)

fredag 15 maj 2015

Women To Women Advice On Your Divorce

Women To Women Advice On Your Divorce
by Leeanne Kunnert

Wouldn't life be wonderful if we could give ourselves advice on experiences before we experienced them? Divorce is a hindsight 20/20 situation. Divorce is one of those situations where we need advice before we go through it but often don't know where to turn. Other women who have gone though divorce come in to play to help us. Below are the top ten pieces of advice women give each other when moving through the divorce process.

It can take some time to recover

Just because the divorce process has started or finalized does not mean that there is an automatic switch that will allow you to recover. Recovering from a divorce is difficult. You won't necessarily be able to bounce back and go about your life as it was. Take time to recover. You need time to process and heal. You may feel like you can barely function and that too is okay. Be ready however because there will come a time when you will be ready to move on and to let yourself heal.

Choose an attorney specializing in divorce

When looking for council don't settle on an attorney; it is important that you find an attorney that specializes in family law and divorce. A lawyer that specializes in something other than divorce and family law will not get you the results you want out of your divorce. A divorce attorney understands all the ins and outs of local law and state nuances.

Violet Blue Light Flower

Analyze your finances

Get as much information as you can about the family finances. You not only have to have a handle on your own finances but also a grip on all of the accounts within the household. You should know what payments are coming out automatically, where funds are invested, what bills need to be paid and more. If possible gather online usernames and passwords so that you are able to look up information as needed.

Consider the future of your living expenses

If you are going to be living on your own it is important that consider the money that you have coming in to decide what you can afford to have outgoing every month. If you don't know exactly what you will need you won't know what to ask for and then may end up sacrificing your own financial needs.

Stop thinking of divorce as failure

Don't beat yourself up. Divorce is not about failing or being rejected all it means is that your relationship did not work out. The sooner you understand that you are not at fault the sooner you will be able to get on with moving on with your life.

More Information:

Longton DM, a subsidiary of Longton Law Offices is a divorce attorney specializing in Women/Mom's in divorce throughout Trenton and the surrounding Michigan areas. Find us at



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How Couples Psychologists Help Save A Marriage

How Couples Psychologists Help Save A Marriage           
by Graham Brightwell
Professional couples psychologists can help both of you in several ways:

1. Couples psychologists can help you identify your real needs and what each of you really wants from the marriage or from your spouse.

2. Couples psychologists can help you identify behaviours both in yourself and in your spouse that cause unhappiness or dissatisfaction in the marriage.

3. Couples psychologists can help you learn and practice new behaviours that bring both of you closer to each other.

4. Couples psychologists help you get a clear idea on you and your partner's communication patterns and how those help or hurt the marriage.

Marriage counselling can help both of you specify your goals (individually and as partners) and focus on what both of you truly want, (individually and as a couple). If one of you isn't content and happy simply because your partner isn't being what you need or want in the marriage, you aren't taking responsibility for your own happiness. If your happiness depends on someone else, basically you lose control over your life. The following are some of the things couples psychologists can help you with.


Marriage counselling helps you communicate your needs more effectively and in a less emotional manner. When you're clear about what you really want and what you're willing to do and compromise, you do not have to whine, scream, nag, pout, or be in bitter silence. You would be able to express what you need clearly, as well as ask what you want. Then your spouse can hear you and respond in a clear, direct, and calm way.


Marriage counselling can help you pin point the behaviours that trigger a negative feeling. Looking for long-held beliefs regarding your relationship, roles, family, and yourself could help unravel beliefs and thoughts that are no longer helpful for you. When you're discovered all of those beliefs, they could be changed just, so they are more powerful and effective for your current situation.


By studying your own beliefs, you'll find out where they come from, and you could consciously select to change or keep those beliefs. Then you would be able to take the reins of your life and redirect yourself as well as your relationship towards something that works best for both of you. Rekindling the reasons why you're together and appreciating the things your spouse does well are some of the vital aspects couples psychologists focus on. It's way easier to agree to make changes if you feel that the things you're already doing are noticed and appreciated by your partner.


Another benefit couples psychologists can provide is that you'll have an unbiased person listening and observing your communication patterns as well as your needs and wants, and closely watching the manner you come across to your partner. This will help because you'll have an outside view and opinion that may be you had not thought of before. It can take you out of a pattern that probably you have not recognized before.

More Information:

If you are looking for professional couples psychologists Melbourne, visit Victorian Counselling and Psychological Services by following these links:


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