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Reasons for Long Marriages

Reasons for Long Marriages
by Walt Ballenberger

Marriage counselors and sociologists know that it is possible to evaluate the backgrounds of couples who are about to be married and predict with a fair degree of accuracy the probability of the couple staying together in a long relationship and avoiding divorce. Some of these considerations are discussed in this article. Others, like good communication skills or having the ability to avoid or resolve conflicts, are harder to measure and are not part of this discussion.


Having the Same Religion
This is not to say that married couples who are not of the same religion will face divorce for certain, but couples who share a religion and practice it together do have an extra bond that can make them feel they are living and growing together spiritually.

Parents Not Divorced and Still a Couple

In general young married people who have parents that are still together and married tend to have longer marriages than couples whose parents' marriage ended in divorce. This is true because they have seen over many years how their parents approached and resolved conflicts and have learned from these experiences. Furthermore, they can apply the lessons to their own lives and their own marriages.

Had Kids Together

Couples who have had kids together have, on the whole, been shown to remain in a marriage longer than those who have not. If the marriage has been in place for a long enough time to establish a strong foundation, then this is particularly true. 

             Reasons For Long Marriages

Income of the Married Couple

Yes, money does matter. Sociologists and marriage counselors know that a certain amount of household income is needed to allow the couple to pay their bills and not be hassled with continuous financial pressures. They have determined this level of income to be $50,000 for most couples.

Couples Age When Getting Married

There are two reasons the age of a couple at the time they tie the knot is important. One is that the couple is likely to have attained a reasonable salary level by that time such that they can control financial stress reasonably well. More importantly, after a certain age people have accumulated enough life experiences to know the kind of person they wish to spend their lives with. It turns out that the age offering the best advantages is 25 years.

Education Level

It has been shown that couples who drop out of high school have a considerably higher rate of divorce than those who have gone through at least some higher education.

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