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Healthy Self-Esteem = Healthy Relationship

Without a healthy sense of self-esteem, it is virtually impossible to find a lasting and real relationship outside yourself. Whether you are currently in a relationship, or you are single and looking for your next relationship, you can improve your self-esteem. Do a self-check and evaluate your self-esteem levels; take some time to work on your self-esteem this week!

Are you in charge of your own mood? Let’s face it – we all love receiving a compliment or hearing something nice said about us.  We will smile all day long remembering what was said, and there is nothing wrong with that. The problem comes in when our mood depends on the words of others. 


If you need the validation of another person to ensure that you are happy, your self-esteem needs some work. Find something about yourself that you love: your sense of humor, your eyes, your snarky sense of wit and focus on those areas. 

When you find yourself wondering why you haven’t gotten a compliment, start giving yourself one on the area that you most admire. Take control of your own mood!

Are you worried about how you upset others? Women tend to find value in their relationships and often find their sense of self-worth through the state of their relationship. If things are good, then they must be doing things right. 

Healthy Self-Esteem = Healthy Relationship

If their relationship is in trouble, there must be a problem with them. When your partner is upset, if your initial reaction is to wonder what you did to cause a problem you may have codependency issues.

Are you experiencing déjà vu? Do you find yourself in the exact same relationship over and over – just with a different person? If you find that you end up with someone who is disrespectful of you repeatedly, it may be an indicator of a self-esteem issue. 

You may need to spend some time considering why you choose men who hurt you. Are you trying to change their behavior? Do you feel as though that is the only type of man you deserve? Once you have identified the pattern, you can begin to take steps to change.

Are you in a spinning teacup? It starts simple enough: you wake up and notice a new wrinkle under your eye. Then you start to obsess over your weight. The next thing you know, you are worried about why your boss chose someone else for a new project and your best friend didn’t call you like she said she would. 

The spinning cup of negativity can be difficult to stop – once you start turning the wheel it seems impossible to slow it down. The secret to dealing with this cup of despair? Don’t start turning the wheel. When you have a negative thought, follow it up immediately with a positive one - effectively putting the brakes on your self-esteem killer. 

Working on your self-esteem will help make you a happier, stronger person. When you are happy with whom you are, it is easier to find happiness with another person and your relationship will be better for it. 

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