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Cheating Spouse Test

Cheating Spouse Test
by Sabrina Summerfrield

If you are wondering what's wrong with your spouse and why your marriage is in such a turmoil, just take the cheating spouse test. You will find answers to all your questions and more about your cheating spouse. By answering some simple question about behavior, habits and activities, you will know if you are living with a cheater.


Do not get depressed, talk to your spouse, ask questions. Question his work, his expenses, time spent and his actions. If they are something to hide, either they lie or try to make up stories. Probing is a proven method and you should try it. The other thing you could test is their behavior towards you. It may have grown more loving than normal and you know that it's not true love. He/she is just trying to buy some time and trying to keep you away from things.

Watch their behavior towards you, their work and friends. This can tell you a lot. If something feels strange or not like them, investigate further carefully without letting them know.

The other common one is the contacts test, where you investigate on all the contacts made by them. This could be through phone, emails and do not forget the personal visits. Every time he/she leaves home without you, you should be behind them.

Try to listen when they are on the phone or talking to a friend. Follow them around, but you have to do it smartly. Try and get answers to all the questions you have over a few months. You cannot rush, you will spoil the whole show.

Cheating Spouse Test

A sarcastic way to judge their conscience is to ask them about cheating spouses. You may watch them struggle by calling them out on their secret. The way they answer you could answer a number of questions.

Figuring out their past could tell you a number of things. If they have a history of cheating in the past, you may know more about how they are likely to act now.

Another method is the behavior testing. Watch his behavior closely, with you, his friends, with your close friends, in bed, in the shopping centre. Look at what he does and what he talks.

If you want it bold, confront him/her and do a polygraph test. You need the consent first though. Very extreme cases resort to this test as its already broken by this stage.

None of these tests or all of them may work for you. Point to keep in mind is that its more of a test for you than the other person. You must be prepared and have a strong will to do it.

All or none of the parts of the Cheating Spouse Test may work for you. It really ends up being more of a test about you than the other person and how willing you are to accept what may be reality. You have to have a strong will and you have to decide if you are ready to know the truth.

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