fredag 22 augusti 2014

What Women Shouldn't Tell Their Friends About Their Relationships


As much as your friends are supposed to be there for you at all times to exchange stories/ideas and help you get through tough times in life, there is a limit as to how much you should tell your friends when it comes to your personal relationship with your boyfriend or husband. 

This is simply because numerous research studies have revealed that friends do more harm than good when it comes to relationships. If you happen to be interested in safeguarding your relationship with your boyfriend/husband as well as keeping your relationship with your friends healthy, below is a list of 4 most important things you shouldn’t tell your friends about your relationship.

1. Your sex life: This is one of the most important details you should withhold from your friends. Although you might have friends who are exhibitionist storytellers, sexual intimacy in your relationship is strengthened when your sex life is kept a closely guarded secret between you and your partner only.

Keeping your sex life a secret also avoids curiosity which prevents problems like infidelity and mistrust when one of your friends starts showing interest in your partner because of the juicy stories you have told them.

2. Anything your boyfriend or husband doesn’t know: You should also avoid telling your friends anything your partner doesn’t already know because it is simply none of their business. Relationships should be between two people only. 

Your friends shouldn’t know things about your relationship before your partner does, otherwise you have to question why you're in the relationship in the first place. 


Healthy relationships are built on trust and total openness. If you can’t trust and open up to your partner before your open up to your friends, there is no point of being with your partner in the first place.

3. How much money he makes: This is another important detail you should leave out about your man when talking with your friends. Omitting this detail is important because it avoids instances where your friends start judging you or weighing in on your relationship. 

For instance, you avoid negative energy in case your man earns less than you do. You also avoid being judged or being called a gold digger if he is earning way more than you. The bottom line is, it's just none of your friends' business to know how much your man makes. If he wants them to know, let him be the one to tell them.

4. Every single argument you have had: This is another necessary omission you should consider when conversing with your girlfriends. Although it is not advisable to keep things bottled up inside, it is not advisable to share everything with your friends especially every single argument you have or have had with your man. 

This is simply because it does more harm than good. Although your friends may offer you all the support you need, they can’t help but start detesting your partner which will eventually hurt your relationship when they start telling you things like; dump him, he is not good enough for you, and other biased suggestions which may or may not be the right solutions for you.

In summary, the above information should guide you in the right direction about how much you should tell your friends about the details of your relationship. 

It is important to note that there may be other topics that should also be considered off-limits to your friends. This article should therefore be used as a basis for further research. You may also find it helpful to have this discussion with your partner so the two of you can agree on what's acceptable to share and what isn't.

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