tisdag 5 augusti 2014

5 Ways To Make Date Night Special

Date night is just around the corner and chances are you're a little bored with the typical dinner and a movie. When this boredom sets in, it may be time to make things a bit more personal by adding a special touch to your date nights. Adding a few special touches to any date night is a sure-fire way to warm the heart and bring a sparkle to the eye of your special someone. Below are 5 ways to make your date night special.


1. Think Outside Of The Ordinary:
The first thing you can do to make your date nights more special is by doing something a little out of the box. Ditch the two for one drinks at your favorite local restaurant and opt for something new - because there is nothing special about a repetitive date night. Dedicate your date night to being spontaneous! Trying something new together is a wonderful experience for the two of you and will create fun memories for a long time to come.

2. Do Not Talk About Work or Stress:
You and your partner have the whole week to talk about work and what is stressing you out, you can leave that out of the conversation for just one special date night. Avoid talking about work, family issues and other stressful matters so the two of you can focus on each other because it has probably been much too long since you simply enjoyed one another's company.

Date Night

3. Take Things Outdoors:
A great way to make date night special is by sitting under the stars with no pesky waiters, expensive restaurant bills or boring routines. Gather together a picnic and a nice bottle of wine that the two of you can enjoy while taking a look at some of the most beautiful things the world has to offer. Bring a blanket and lay back and gaze at the stars when you are finished eating. This is a truly tranquil and stunning experience - perfect for couples.

4. Relive Your First Date:
There is truly no better feeling than going back to the place where the magic began. As the two of you reminisce during the recreation of your first date, it will be much more meaningful than any other quick-pick date night. This date night serves as a great reminder as to why you love your special someone.

5. Build Anticipation:
The key to a special date night is as simple as a little anticipation. To build anticipation for your special date night, you don't necessarily have to plan weeks head, but the days and hours before the date are crucial. Slip your lover a couple of secret love notes in their car, wallet or even on the mirror to get them excited. The day of the date, try texting your significant other how excited you are about your date night. A little anticipation goes a long way when it comes to making date night as special as it can possibly be. 

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