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Dealing With A Partners Controlling Mother

In a perfect world, everyone would have mothers that knew when to let go of their babies. However, it’s not a perfect world and there are many more of these controlling mothers around than you would have ever thought possible. That’s why the chances are really good that when you hook up with someone romantically, you’re going to also be taking on his very controlling mother.

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Now, it’s not all bad. In fact, some mothers aren’t really controlling so much as they really do just want their sons to be happy. With those mothers, you’ve got a chance because, while they might be a bit distant initially, once they see that you adore their “little boy,” they’ll warm right up to you because the two of you have a common goal. All you have to do is show this mother that you do, indeed, love her son and she’ll become your best friend.

Next up are the controlling mothers that feel no woman is good enough for their sons. It wouldn’t matter if you came from royalty and are next in line for the throne. Unless these women have personally handpicked the women for their sons to be with, it’s pretty much a lost cause. Now, if you’re lucky, your guy will understand that his mother is unreasonable and he’ll be the buffer between the two of you. If you’re lucky, he may even agree to move to another state so that you don’t have to be around her and her dislike of you all the time.

The worst of these controlling mothers are something like you probably have never encountered at any point in your life. These women will do anything to keep their sons with them because their belief is that no one on this planet can look after their sons as well as they can. Nothing you do is ever going to be good enough or right, for that matter. Worst of all, she will expect to be included in all parts of your life. If your man can’t say no to her, she’ll be going with you on all trips you take. Every time you and your man have Date Night, she’ll tag along. You’ll probably find her at YOUR house more than at her own. Hopefully, your partner isn’t “mommy whipped” so that he can set boundaries for her and make her keep to them.

The signs are usually there soon enough so that you’re don’t get involved with a guy that’s overly attached to his mother. When you spot them, just cut your losses and run. On the other hand, if you had no warning that you’re inheriting one of these horrible women by getting involved with what you thought was a great guy; you may experience some pain before extricating yourself from the situation. If she’s being unreasonable and trying to act like his wife, attempt to have a talk with him about it. Tell him how that you feel as if you’re married or involved with BOTH of them and that you’re not happy with the arrangement.

She may end up not being an entity you can battle. If that turns out to be true, then the only solution may be to move across the country from her. However, if your man seems unwilling to cut those apron strings, you may just have to walk.


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