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Article 4-5 In a Series of Articles on Its In The Stars


Leo is the Lion.  They are born between July 22 and August 21.

Leo men have a genuine zest for life.  He attracts women in hoards with his exuberance and confidence.  He has a reputation for breaking hearts.

But there is no lover more generous than the Leo.  He simply cannot live without love.

He expresses his strong feelings through romance.  He teases and tantalizes his lover.  He has a dramatic flair and sets the stage and the pace of the relationship accordingly.

He loves the grand and dramatic gesture in return.  He’ll take any excuse to celebrate. 

He is attracted to beautiful women and they to him.  Women literally fall at his feet.  His middle name is “Extravagance” and he likes to be surrounded by luxury.  He will also give over the top gifts – especially ones that make his woman look beautiful. 

He’ll expect you to give gifts as well.  If you can’t afford expensive, expend your energy on the thoughtful. 

Make him feel that he is the center of your world.  You won’t annoy him by calling him just to say “hi” several times a day.

He is also a possessive and jealous lover.  But, he will be faithful in turn. 

A Leo man always makes the rules.  He is best matched with a woman who is awed by him and will love him for his dramatic gifts.


Virgo is the sign of the virgin and it is the only sign represented by a female.  They are born between August 22 and September 21.

A Virgo man is honest and trustworthy.  They like to be helpful, so if you have something wrong with your car or home, he’s eager to lend a hand.  He’s also practical in other ways.  For instance, he prefers the car he can afford to the fancy one out of reach.

He’s not the jealous type – but he won’t understand if you are either.  He tends to stay friends with his ex girlfriends, and you have to be okay with that. 

He doesn’t like to sit around.  He likes to be out doing things.  You may even consider him to be a social butterfly.  If you are planning a date with your Virgo man, make sure there is lots of activity.  He quickly becomes bored with mere conversation.

He doesn’t want you to drop your friends and build your life around him.  He wants his independence and expects you to maintain yours.

He’ll pay for your dinners and treat you well. 

He tends to be very cultured and will want high minded dates from time to time.  A Virgo man is the best bet for the Opera or Ballet.

Arguments with a Virgo man can be very tough as he gets defensive quickly.  He also is quick to criticize.

He’s not likely to shower you with gifts.  He’ll tend to ask you what you want for Christmas and then get it for you. 

A Virgo man tends to want to settle down in the suburbs and go into the city from time to time.  He’s a career man who wants to provide for his family.

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Libra Man

A Libra is the sign of the scales and balance.  They are born between September 22 and October 21.

A Libra man is extremely loving and needs to be loved in turn.  You should not refrain from showing and expressing your feelings. 

Libra men are ruled by Venus which is the planet of love.  Some believe Libra men are the most proficient lovers of all.  They worship romance and seduction.  

He will adore love, beauty, romance, and dance. 

He needs someone who will give him feedback and support.  Words of affirmation are key to lubricating the relationship.  You should help him to think less and feel more.

His lower back and buttocks are his erogenous areas. 

He loves to be seduced.  Appeal to his senses.  Invite him to a private dinner.  Play good music, light scented candles, and serve a good Champaign. 

If you are dating a Libra man, flatter him.  Pay special attention to what he is wearing and complement him on it. 

Libras are peerless dancers.  He prefers classical dance to the latest moves.  Dancing is one way of showing his sensual side.  He will be very unhappy if he has to sit on the sidelines too long.

You shouldn’t swear or do anything crude around your Libra man as they tend to be turned off by any kind of vulgarity.  Similarly, stay away from violent or sudden outbursts.  Also, it pays to be neat around a Libra man as they are fastidious themselves.


A Scorpio is the sign of the Scorpion.  They are born between October 22 and November 21.

Scorpio is perhaps the sexiest sign of the zodiac.  When many women fantasize about their dream man, they are dreaming up a classic Scorpio.  He is full of passion and power which is an aphrodisiac to many women.

Your Scorpio man will have strong thoughts and opinions and expect you to defer to them.  While he is quite emotional and sensitive, this part of him is hidden beneath the exterior.

He’ll be very devoted to you.  But, sometimes he’ll waver between intense desire for you and wanting to tune you out. 

Don’t try to compete with a Scorpio man.  He always needs to have the upper hand. 
Also, he is not very good at compromising.  A Scorpio man is happiest with a supportive, adoring woman.

You should never lie to your Scorpio man.  He will never forget and never forgive you if you do.

You should know that things are not always as they appear with a Scorpio man.  He is secretive and will never share the deepest recess of himself with anyone – including you.  He has an enormous amount of self control.

Scorpio men tend to be powerful businessmen.  They like to have attractive escorts.  However, a self absorbed woman does not do well with a Scorpio man over the long run as he needs the attention to be on himself.

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