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Article 2-3 In a Series of Articles on Its In The Stars


Taurus is the sign of the bull.  They are born between April 22 and May 21.

There are many advantages of dating a Taurus man.  They are reliable and even tempered.  Relationships are very important to them. He longs to settle down and can love passionately for a lifetime.  A Taurus man, while not extravagant, will always be a steady provider.

Taurus men are sensual.  Because his senses are keen, try to appeal to him with pleasant and erotic tastes, touches, and scents.  Caress his head or neck at every opportunity.  Take care of your own skin and wear luxurious fabrics, as he will love to touch you. 

Always keep the atmosphere romantic and comfortable.  You should dim the lights, play good music, and serve refined drinks.  He likes the finer things in life.  Take him to Art Galleries and classical music concerts.  He likes to eat at Gourmet restaurants as well.

Taurus males are jealous by nature, so stay away from talk of boyfriends past.  Also, you should avoid flirting with the other men in the room as this will make your guy sulk.  You should never give him a reason to question your loyalty.

While Taurus males like to give, they don’t like to feel that it is expected of them.  It is a turn off for a woman to discuss gifts she would like to receive.  He tends to have a frugal nature in general.  When he does give a gift, he expects that his woman will appreciate it. 

Taurus men need partners with strong sexuality.  They will expect a woman to be able to keep up with them in bed and quickly become bored with a woman who isn’t responsive to the physical expression of their love.

If you play “availability” games with a Taurus male, he may very well decide you are not available and drop you before you can drop him.

Taurus men have an unusually high need for security.  He likes a routine and tends to be less flexible than men of other zodiac signs.  You shouldn’t expect him to drop everything and go on a wild zany escapade with you.

Unless you are just in it for the fling, avoid getting involved with a married Taurus man because he won’t divorce his wife, no matter how appealing you are.

Being involved with a married man usually means it will effect not only his wife but also his children. When there are children, especially young ones, the damage that can be done to them is beyond what most adults can even imagine.

Married men of the Taurus sign will 'love you' as long as your giving them what they want and on their terms.

If its not written in the starts you can read it here!


Gemini are the Twins.  They are born between May 22 and June 21.

Many women find themselves drawn to the creative, dynamic Gemini man. Gemini men are often in highly visible career positions and have women basking in their glory.  If you want to attract one, you have to appeal to their strong and charming personalities and be prepared to compete with a wide variety of other women.

They tend to know everything and are especially up to date on current events.  He’ll want to talk about what’s going on in the world, so you need to be up to date with the news as well.

Unlike the Taurus man, Mr. Gemini is extremely spontaneous.  He’ll want to go on an adventure with no advance warning.  If you come up with fun and original date ideas, he’ll adore you for it.  You should be up for and ready for anything when you date a Gemini male.

An insider’s tip for dating a Gemini is that they love to receive handwritten love letters.. Their ruling planet is Mercury which is the planet of communication.  They love the written word and appreciate women who can communicate.

First impressions are very important to Gemini’s in general and the Gemini male is especially impressed with women who dress well.  You don’t have to be the epitome of current fashion trends though.  A bold fashion statement of your own may be even more appealing to him.

A Gemini lives for the moment and lets the future take care of itself.  You may have more trouble getting him to commit than you would men of other star signs. 


Cancer is the sign of the Crab.  They are born between June 22 and July 21.

A Cancer man won’t fall head over heals in love with you at first glance.  He’ll take his time and get to know you before making any kind of commitment.  You don’t want to rush him in any way.

Don’t touch him first.  Let him lead on the physical plane.  You might feel rejected if you are too physically forward, but his brush offs shouldn’t be misinterpreted.  He is simply taking his time.

But, once you have gotten past his defenses, he will be wonderfully demonstrative and sensitive.  At this point, everything he craves for, senses or feels will be thrown into the relationship.

You have to be both patient and determined if you want to woo a Cancer man.  Expect a relationship that develops slowly but is there for the long haul rather than a quick, unimportant fling.

He is fascinated by historic buildings and the art of the old Masters.  He is more interested in a romantic, out of the way café than the hottest restaurant with the “in” chef.

The Cancer man is the Zodiac man most likely to like long walks on the beach by moonlight. 

While it does take him a while to commit, once he does it is for real.  Once he feels secure in love, the deepest desire of his heart is to sail into the sunset with his sweetheart.

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