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Article 1 In a Series of Articles on Its In The Stars


“What’s your sign?” has been a pick up line since singles’ bars have been around.  In casual conversation, it provides a starting point for talk.  But, is there more to astrology when it comes to relationships? 

Astrology is much more complicated than simple sun signs.  Other planetary influences have a great deal to do with what makes up a person.

But star signs are the single most determinant facet of the astrological chart.  They paint, in broad strokes, a person’s personality.  They determine whether the person wants to chase or be chased, whether they will open their soul to you or keep it close to the vest.  You’ll find some star signs tend to like art museums while others like kayaking more.

If you are at a critical juncture at your life, you may find that a men of a certain sign might fit your current situation better than others.  If you are looking for a rebound relationship, an Aquarius man is just right for you, for instance.  But, that would be a bad choice if you are ready to settle down.

Keep in mind too that your sign is an important component to the relationship.  A Taurus woman is the perfect complement for some signs and toxic for others. 

The Magic of Making Up and Love Again

If you are looking for your perfect match, this guide will give you a broad outline of the kinds of men found under each star sign.


Aries is the sign of the Ram.  Aries are born between March 22 and April 21.

An Aries man believes in love at first sight.  Once he has his eyes on you, he will stop at nothing to get you.  The chase is part of the attraction, so don’t be too easy to get right away.  He loves what he can’t get.  He also loves to win and loves winners.  He is especially drawn to witty, independent women. 

The Aries man wants a woman to flatter his ego.  But, be careful not to overdo it as this can have the opposite effect of what you want. Try to always be dynamic and straightforward.

Once you’ve landed your Aries man, you will find that your relationship is an adventure.  One person described dating an Aries man as “playing bowling with grenades.” 

Aries men are very generous with their time and money.  This kind of generosity is rare these days.  You’ll probably never have to pick up a check when dating an Aries man.  You will also find yourself on the receiving end of many gifts.

When an Aries man loves you, he really loves you.  It’s not ambiguous.  It is a fierce and fiery hot passion. 

He will tend to be somewhat idealistic.  You may find him overly so at times.  He wants to be the Romeo to your Juliet which can make you exhausted.  He can become quite grumpy if he feels like you are not living up to his idealistic view of you.

Aries men tend to love their freedom.  They will also allow you to have yours.  Possessive women tend to have problems with Aries men.  But you don’t have to worry about his loyalty. 

To keep an Aries man, you have to be a constant challenge for him.  Don’t let him dominate you.  Give him the thrill of having to try all of the time.

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