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Article 2 In a Series of Articles on How To Go On A Cheap Date

Festivals, Fairs, and Farmer’s Markets

Your area probably has major festivals several times a year.  For instance, you may have a film festival featuring classic movies or movies from a specific culture or country. 

Harvest festivals in the United States tend to center around a certain crop important to the area.  For instance, in Indio, CA there is a National Date festival every February.  In Michigan, a Cherry Festival is held in July. 

There are also festivals which center around a certain culture.  Chinese New Years celebrations take place in a large number of cities in late January or early February.  Communities with large Jewish, Greek, or Mexican immigrant populations may also feature celebrations around important dates.  While these events draw largely from the stated community, all are welcome and visitors are encouraged to come.  These events are either free or charge a small fee.  You will also be able to pick up some cheap ethnic food at these festivals.

Then there are specialty festivals and gatherings.  For instance there are several Renaissance Faires held across the country.  Fantasy and science fiction fans get together frequently for events as well.  If your date is interested in any of these genres, you can make a splash by taking them to these cheap date venues.

Fairs are also great date ideas.  These are largely held in the summer or on holidays such as Memorial Day or Labor Day.  There is usually a low admission charge that gets you into the event and most of the shows.  Separate fees are charged for rides and for headline events.  You can often find discounts or packages through local sponsors such as grocery stores.

But you don’t have to wait for the annual fair or festival to enjoy the camaraderie of outdoor entertainment.  Many communities put on significant farmer’s markets each week.  In addition to produce and craft sales, the larger farmer’s markets feature weekly entertainment.  Admission to the market is free.  You can often pick up dinner on the cheap from street venders as well.

How To Go On A Cheap Date


When you volunteer, you not only get a free date, you give something back to the community.  If you and your significant other share a passion for some cause, your relationship will become closeras a result of working together toward a common cause.

If your significant other is already involved in a volunteering activity, try joining them.  Otherwise, sit down and come up with a list of things you both care about. 

For instance, if you are an animal lover, go to the local shelter and play with the cats and dogs.  These animals do not get enough attention and the shelter needs all of the help it can get.  Spending a couple of hours with animals that have been mistreated can be a lot of fun, and it does a world of good for these lonely cats and dogs.

But volunteering doesn’t have to happen on an institutional scale either.  If you and your significant other know someone who has broken a leg or otherwise become immobile, volunteer to walk their dog once a day for the duration.  This becomes time you can spend together and you are doing a friend a good turn.

Similarly, you can do yard work for an elderly neighbor when the seasons require it.  In the fall, mandatory leaf raking can be too physically demanding for an older person and if they are on a fixed budget, it may be to expensive for them to hire someone to do it.  But, if you and your s.o. pitch in, you can have a ball doing this together.

If you enjoy children, make a “play date” so that a young couple or single mom can have a night out.  You and your s.o. can play monopoly, watch cartoons, and wrestle with their kids.  It will give you and your date a chance to see how the other interacts with children, a vital piece of information if you would like to have a family together someday.

My final volunteer date is to have a political experience.  Political rallies have all of the pomp of a concert.  In fact, at rallies for more high profile races, there are often rock stars present.  Liberal candidates tend to have a higher “big name” draw.  Obama’s campaign was able to feature Jennifer Hudson, wil.i.am, Sheryl Crow, and Bruce Springsteen to various events.  Lee Greenwood is a standard headliner at big Republican events.

Article 3 will continue in this series of articles on Cheap Dates, tomorrow. Here is more on the subject: Make up instead of Break up with the magic second chance letter.

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