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Best Ways To Get Her Back:Article 4 Finding Someone Special To Spend Your Life With

Best Ways To Get Her Back Articles

Method 3 - Laser Targeted Dating

Laser Targeted Dating is dating for keeps. This describes Lydda's situation in the first article. She wants to cut to the chase and find a partner to settle down with. The methods described in this section are the most efficient way to find a long term relationship leading to marriage.

Going up to someone in a bar and asking them about their relationship goal is not really appropriate (or, quite frankly, productive). Even if she's been dating someone for a few weeks, Lydda would be wise not to ask about marriage plans. But there are methods that allow her to restrict the people she meets to a certain relationship goal and exchange relationship goal information with dates prior to meeting. This will allow her to skip over anyone who is incompatible with her goals before they get involved.

Personal Ad

One of the things she can do is take out a personal ad. Rather than answering other's ads, it is best for her to take out her own. Look at the ads published by others to get an idea about what works. She should also check out several publications or online sites so that she ensures that the kind of person she's looking for is also the kind of person who is advertising.

The first thing she should do is set up a special email address, phone number, or P.O. Boxes to receive responses. That way, she won't mind dumping the account if someone she does not like begins to bother her.

In her ad, she should describe her personality, describe a couple favorite activities, and state her relationship goal. She might also briefly describe the man she is looking for, depending on space limits. Her ad needs to stand out from the crowd. You can use humor or poignancy to achieve this.

Best Ways To Get Her Back

She should get a single, platonic guy pal to look at the ad and make suggestions so that she can see how a man responds to it.

When Lydda gets a response, she should chat on the phone or online for a while. She needs to get a sense of the guy before she meets him in person. She should refrain from giving any identifying data including last name, address, or work place right away. Once she gives a guy this information, she can't take it back.

If she does want to give him a phone number at some point, she might consider buying a prepaid cell phone just for this purpose. That way, if he becomes a pest – or worse – she can just dump the phone.

Once Lydda has found someone she wants to go out with, she should always meet for the first time in a public place during the day. She should plan to keep the first meeting short (coffee is a good idea) and she should drive herself to and from the date. She should tell a friend where she'll be and giver her the date's name, address and phone number.

Personal ads are more accepted now than they once were. They're inexpensive and work well for people with more time than money. In fact, Craigslist offers a whole section on personals for free.

If Lydda places the ad herself, she is going to have to do all of the sorting and screening of responders herself which can be time consuming. If she decides to be a responder instead, she is going to write many replies that never get an answer back.

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