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How To Keep Your Love Fresh and Alive

Max and Mindy had been going out for six months.  They had fallen into a rut.  Friday nights meant pizza and a video after work.  Saturdays usually involved a bar.  And Sunday mornings, Max would go out for bagels and they'd have a continental breakfast in bed.

Things were getting too routine and Mindy was beginning to get restless.  Max was determined to shake things up because he sensed he would lose Mindy if he didn't.

This article is all about how to shake things up.  It’s about keeping your love fresh and alive.


Being romantic when you just start dating is easy.  But, how can you keep the fun, energy, interest and romance alive on an ongoing basis?

A relationship is like a budding plant complete with aluminum foil and a big bow.  You can't put the plant in a window and ignore it.  If you do, it will die.  It needs pruning, watering, and nurturing to thrive.  Your relationship needs the same care, consideration and knowledge.  This article will give you some tips on how to do that.

Best Ways To Get Her Back

Send Flowers for No Reason

The receptionist at Laurie's office buzzed her excitedly.  "Laurie, you've got the biggest bouquet out here.  Come and get it."

Laurie was excited but confused.  It wasn't her birthday.  She and Gregg hadn't had a big fight.  What were the flowers for?

She went to pick them up and as she walked down the hall with them, people (mostly the women) admired them.

All day, people popped in the cubicle and complimented her on her beautiful arrangement.  And, they asked about how her relationship was going.

Over and over, she told people about her wonderful boyfriend Gregg.  And, on each telling of the story, she felt a little bit better about her relationship. 

Gregg got a lot of mileage out of a bouquet out of the blue.

You know to send her flowers on Valentine's Day and her birthday.  But have you considered sending flowers to her at work for no reason at all? 

The romance of Valentine 's Day isn't about the food or flowers.  It's the feeling of being loved enough to be fussed over and cherished.  It's the sharing of a loving experience.  When you pick out a gift, you are sharing something with someone.

But you don't have to wait for February 14 to roll around to share these feelings.  You can make any day Valentines Day – and because it is not a "prescribed" holiday, you'll get more brownie points for doing it.

Why flowers?

Flowers remind us of Mother Nature at her most lovely.  Women are happy receiving most any kind of flower.  Men tend to be more choosy about the flowers they appreciate receiving.  Women, consider sending your man an amaryllis, chrysanthemums, are even a plant.  If you are sending them to his office, forget the teddy bears, kissy faces or cherubs.  Don't put him in the position of getting teased unmercifully at his place of work.

But men can send just about anything to a woman at work.  Women get completely ga-ga about almost anything and if guys knew the real impact of flowers, they would keep a florist on retainer. 

Don't send the same flowers all the time either.  While roses are romantic, you don't want to get into a rut.

Also, don't reserve flowers for birthdays, fights, or special events.  Flowers for everyday are a powerful way to mix up a relationship.

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